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Magdalena K Klashnja Laboratory Workshop
Magdalena K Klashnja Laboratory Workshop
Magdalena K Klashnja Laboratory Workshop

Magdalena K Disco Dynasty

I always felt like there was no other direction for me, no other job - than being a designer. The everlasting urge to draw, design and create anything that people can wear, from hat to shoes, acted as my main creative drive. Pursuing that path since childhood, I continued devoting my work to "things that make me tick", intending to have fun and enjoy every second of it as I embrace the gift of creativity.

Personal Design Stamp Since Childhood

The label came out of a desire to wear unique garments. During my design studies and several years that followed, I was mainly producing my own clothes. This skill was already well under way, as I started sewing at age eleven. I loved experimenting with borders between fashion and installation, defying conventional conceptions of performance and a theatrical show.

From New York Fashion Industry Towards Colourful Shoe Collection

After years of playing with forms and structural concepts, I decided to focus more on fashion. I moved to New York and after several years of working for various fashion brands, the old craving for unique clothing design made me take a leap of faith and start my own shoe business. I created a capsule collection of shoes, putting out an initial offer of fun and craft, produced in high quality. But more than anything, I wanted to enjoy the production process and start something of my own. At the time, everyone in New York was wearing black and - I love color! I wanted to challenge the bland uniformity with a new niche, to play with shapes and experiment with colours. And here we are - seven years down the line, I am still having fun and enjoying the ride!


From Basics Towards Vibrating and Liberating Feelings

It is hard for me to treat each collection separately. I see it more like a wardrobe, a shoe closet. And with each new season I add what I think is missing. My approach hasn't changed since the first collection. I prefer treating colours and patterns equally, like basic elements, which, when combined, create a vibrant and liberating feeling.
A perfect term just came to my mind while searching for the right wording. I glanced at the designs around my workshop and thought - this is it. The craftsmanship, the creative direction and utmost attention to details, the brand statement - all summed up in the single description as an ever-evolving inspiration - The Disco Dynasty.

What you support by buying Magdalena K shoes?

Thank you for your interest in Magdalena K shoes. When you buy our designs, you are doing much more than selecting a pair of shoes you like. You are supporting our small production and employees - our trusted friends. You are purchasing a piece of joy because each pair that we make in our sunny workshop "Laboratoria", is made in a cheerful atmosphere of the creative flow. Our dedicated employees are active participants in creating magic and their distinctive contribution to the whole production process is greatly valued.


Each shoe is made with utmost respect and care, one step at the time, and every design is unique in its own way. Slight differences are not considered a defect, but rather a charm of hand making, embracing the nature of each material and production technique we bring into play. Thank you for supporting the old craftsmanship and tradition that is being passed on from generations of shoe making professionals. We work with the finest leather imported from Italy, making sure that we only use ethically sourced fabrics. Natural materials change shape over time, and that is part of a beautiful shoe "aging" that tells a story of joyous moments and past adventures.


We are most grateful for your trust and the persistent support. It is our mission to continue improving and build the best product to the satisfaction of our valuable clients. 

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